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Crumbed Whiting & Chips Cones

Crumbed Whiting & Chips Cones

Serves 3- 4

Time 30 minutes


1X 275g De Costi Crumbed Whiting Fillets

1x Frozen Thick Cut Chips or 4 Large potatoes cut into wedges 


Garlic aioli mayonnaise 

Lemon & Limes

Paper Cones


METHOD (Pre-heated 180 oven)

1. Place potato wedges on a non-stick pan and cook as per pack instructions. Cook first, as they take longer to cook then the De Costi Whiting Fillets

2. Place DeCosti Whiting fillets on a non-stick pan and cook for 6 minutes once the potato chips are almost cooked.

3. Serve in cones with a serve of aioli mayonnaise, lemon & limes


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