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Wholesome, premium quality and full of flavour, the De Costi Seafood's range has an extensive selection of seafood products to help inspire a range of mouth-watering meals. Our range of pre-packed seafood has been created with the flavour expertise of our in-house chef. All seafood has been expertly sourced to ensure every seafood product is the premium quality you have come to know from the De Costi Seafood's brand.

  • Pre-packed Seafood

    Quality is locked in, with our convenient range of packed seafood. Ready to cook or serve. Perfect for a quick family dinner or delicious lunch.

  • Chilled Seafood

    An abundance of premium seafood species, available year-round or as a speciality seasonal product.

  • Frozen Seafood

    A selection of family favourite seafood products frozen for convenience. Keep handy in the freezer for dinner in a matter of minutes.